Women Desire.

Women Desire.

Women in India have often been denied several things, starting from her right to be born to the day she dies. Freedom of expression, choosing clothes and any kind of freedom at all, we Indian have a habit of women deprived of anything and everything they want.

I wanted to bring to light, the sexual desires and satisfaction that women are often ditched about. Men have a big fat ego and don’t like responding to what women want to experience in bed, they often treat sexual pleasure as a need of their own alone and ignore the needs of a women, which is a big reason women often look for satisfaction beyond their own bed and husband ending up having a physical relationship with someone else. 

Men tend to ignore the signs and disregard her sexual appetite. We must understand women have a libido too and a man should be able to fulfill her passion if he wants to keep her for the lifetime, often love is not the only thing that a healthy relationship can be based on. Extramarital affairs, divorce, cheating all this. In some cases, are a by-product of unhealthy physical relationship. 
It’s time you should talk to your partner and discuss her desires too. The body of a woman is not only a temple but also an undiscovered map that, with her consent needs to be discovered, to unravel the deepest and most meaningful of emotions and satisfaction. 

I am not here supporting the idea of rape( including marital rape), all I want to say is don’t suppress her feelings rather let her dominate you and love you like she wants to.

BY- Vivek Goyal

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