Top 10 Quotes of the week

▪Top 10 writers of TCM in Instagram (From 27-11-2017 to 03-12-17)

1. His love was colourful as a rainbow, Her love was fragrant as thousand of flowers… Together they made a   magnificent bouquet.


2. I love to walk a small distance with you because those small distances will turn into a beautiful and unforgettable memory which is enough for spending the whole life alone.


3. I love to stay alone, because I am fed up with everything.


4. Just remember that I didn’t walk away… you let me go!


5. Once I wished for your presence. If not in reality than somewhere else at least. Now you walk fearlessly through my nightmares.


6. On a roof top restaurent,
With the night sky full of stars,
Seeing the City with Bird’s eye view,
Stirring the Red Wine in the glass,
That’s when I want you to hold my hand as you glup down the wine Nonchalantly.


7. जरा सा कतरा है, कोई सैलाब ना सोचो।
इस  स्याह  रात में कोई ख्वाब ना सोचो॥
अम्न वैसे  भी  लुटा- लुटा सा है जहां में।
मियां  हर  बात  में  इंकलाब  ना  सोचो॥
लुटाये थे जो सिक्के किसी फकीर के लिये।
बरकत है इसमें, उसका हिसाब ना सोचो॥
फूल और भी हैं इस खूबसूरत बागवां में।
आप तो हर बार बस गुलाब ना सोचो॥


8. My dream was traveling the world.
From climbing the snow-clad mountains to resting beside the deep blue ocean.
From gazing the northern lights and winter sky in Norway, to scuba diving in the pacific. But I guess I was lucky enough Because when I Dreamt of travelling the world,
I got to see the entire universe in your beautiful black eyes when your spectacles ruined our kiss.


9. She was not fire
She was gleam
She doesn’t need light to glow
she only needed the
darkest night
to twinkle
She was a star.                         


10. Destination is one thing.
Getting there is everything.


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