Top 10 Quotes of the week (from 11-12-17 to 17-12-17)

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1. खाली रह गया सब कुछ, ना अब जहान कोई।
पैरों तले ना जमीं, ना सर पे आसमान कोई॥बहुत सजाई हैं बस्तियां इस शहर की मैनें भी।
मगर नहीं है यहां अपना ही  मकान कोई॥
2. An empty heart is always better than a heart full of pain.
Ghazia nawaz
3. “I love you” the words which once meant the world to her, now are just three empty words.
4. Life isn’t what you define. It is what you demonstrate.
5. Undress her but not by clothes by secrets
Lay on her soul not body
Love her not for money make her ur money
6. Doing things with Empty heart is a way to show your real happiness which lighten the load of heaviness of worse emotions.
78 JUNE!!!!
10th board’s result announced
yeah!! and again her name was in topper’s list
there was a great feeling of bragging, contentment
and euphoria everywhere
there were proud tears
in the eyes of her mother and sister
again she dignified her father
Her best friend had forgotten about her own result and
ran to her with a great scream of ecstasy
Her cousins carried her on their back
Everyone was celebrating
But instead of a smile there was an expression of  melancholy on her face
cause some cause somewhere she knew
this result wouldn’t matter anymore
The thing which matters in her life was her dream
which she had lost
8. That inclination when you’re not really tragic, but rather you simply feel extremely broken, empty and exhaust.
9. You can know the real meaning of life only when you have no one for u who can stand by your side .. when you are far away from your parents .. struggling alone for achieving the dream.
10. Girls are not toys to play, free foods to taste and definitely not chewing gums to spit when the sweetness is gone

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