I m not a perfect girlfriend

I know every guy has a certain girlfriend image in their mind but I m not any different from that
It’s going to be… A year of my relationship we saw so much of ups and downs. I m surprised that we managed to be with each other with so much of love. We both have so many candy floss, rainbows. Our relationship has taught me that being loyal to someone can really make it long.. Be totally free to share your words with each other.. I know I m not a perfect girlfriend… Imagine how boring your life will become if I will only say sweet words to you… Bcoz that love is so real when u tug ur hairs on frustration…
Yes, I become easily jealous and aggressive when u mention the name of another girl. I know I m not perfect I know how ur ideal girl should be like. Someone who is always loving to u she who has perfect straight hair all d time. Your t-shirts fit her perfectly like a loose one dress but believe me I love so much. I know I don’t look so pretty I know I cant look that pretty in the morning when I get up from bed.
But I cant help me… From being jealous I have a messy hair all the time I know my baby hairs always come out but believe me I m not so worst that u cant make it with me.
Yes I know i will push u back when u lean down on me to kiss me on the public but it doesn’t mean that i don’t love you. In truest sense and purest form, I say I will always love u with all my. I may not look pretty in morning but the smile in my eyes and lips seeing u next to me compensate it always i may not fit in ur t-shirts but i wear them bcoz they smell like you i fall asleep in your arms at d weirdest times.. Bcoz no pillows give me such better sleep. I  irritate u till I make it from you i make u say me worst at the moment but still I love u so much. We may not meet for days but I will call u like hell every second when you are out of town. Trust all this are my way of saying u how much I love u.
I m not a perfect girlfriend neither you are perfect boyfriend but I accept u with alk ur flaws. I accept u like what you are and who you are and you’ve to bear all my flaws. As u have promised me to love forever u have to be my side always. Bcoz I m the person who is truly and purely in love with u…
Ur imperfect girlfriend..
Shraddha Khandelwal

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