Do you know there are so many different kinds of animals who love rain and therefore they live in the rainforest because their body required the atmosphere like this to survive.
The rainforest is home to more than half of the world’s animals. Colourful and unusual animals dwell in all four layers of the forest. All types of creatures are represented, from tiny insects to large mammals. Rainforests support a greater number and variety of animals than any other biome. One of the reasons for this great variety of animals is the constant warmth. Tropical rainforests also provide a nearly constant supply of water and a wide variety of food for the animals.

Here are few incredible animals, you don’t know about-

1) Red-lipped batfish

The red-lipped batfish is most commonly found around the deep waters of the Galapagos Islands.  Similar batfish, such as the rosy-lipped batfish are found around Cocos Island. The habitat range for this batfish is deep waters. They are not good swimmer but they use their highly adapted pectoral fins to “walk” on the ocean floor
This fish is mainly known for its bright red lips.
2) Royal flycatcher
It’s an attractive bird found in the forest of the Amazon river. In male royal flycatcher, there is a crown like feather in their head to attract female royal flycatcher.
3) Lemur
Lemur is Inhabit in Madagascar of Africa. Some of the lemurs are in black- Brown and white in colour. They have long and Sharptail. They have big eyes. Now a days number of lemur is decreasing.
4)  Glass butterfly
This butterfly has transparent wing with a span of 5.6-6 cm. Its wings look like glass, as it lacks the coloured scales found in other butterflies. She can carry more than 40 times her weight. She can fly at the speed of 13 kilometres per hour.
5) Glass frog
Glass frog are found in South Mexico, Central and South America. These frogs have green colour. Their stomach is transparent, due to this there heart and intestine are visible.
6) Giraffe weevil
The giraffe weevil found in Madagascar. It derives its name from an extended neck much like that of the common giraffe. Male has a 3-centimetre long neck than female. Female giraffe weevil produces only one egg and she rolls it into hatching leaf.

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