Love always finds its way out when two souls are together !

I remember the first day I met you. I remember the cute smile. I close my eyes and think of that moment. I remember standing beside you, observing. You were probably the man of my dreams. I close my eyes and I can sense the urgency in my feelings. I knew I have to know you. I knew I wanted to listen to your stories, stories of your scars and tattoos and how you came to be. I didn’t know you felt the same way. I didn’t know you had your eyes on me too. We got to know each other. We were different ways but something was common between us. We were two people who were never supposed to meet, but destiny had to spare for us. Our fires ignited quickly and just as quickly they burned out.

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We had everything in common. We shared a lot. The pain that turned into happiness. We found love, we fell for each other deeper even when the storms was against us. We knew we were never gonna to be together but we were destined by true love. And one moment when we believe that stars could fall and the sun would hide in shame if only our love could be condensed into a burning ball of flames.
Days passed as we were more comfortable. Like everything was a dream and still a dream for us to be in this world.
Even when we are apart  I still pray for you, I still keep you in my poems. In a world full of dupe forever, you were my sweet forever. Even after years,
I shall meet you someday, once again. Although only time can tell us, where and when But I will
Maybe as that one ray of light, which shall wake you up from your nap. May be as the tender morning breeze, when you embrace the beautiful sunrise with your arms wide open. Or may be as the romantic line from your favourite song, which you hear for the tenth time.
Just may be one day, I shall visit you as an unexpected thunderstorm. As a raindrop, that shall play a part in drenching you as our memories do. When you stand alone, gazing at the stars with a heavy heart.
I shall still play my part in bringing back your smile, by being the titillating butterfly in your life. I know that you’ll
definitely cherish moments of your life. I still reside in that corner of your heart which you loathe but visited often. Until then,
Inside my little tears and fears, wrapped up in photographs and call recordings, recalled in form of laughter and little fights in the lanes. Inked forever making a history slowly cared into unsent letters as poetry. Sliding you into every little and bigger possibility. Re-lived and loved again and again.
Finding a tiny room for our memories. In a world full of happy homes. And that is how I keep you.
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