The lane where i found love 

On the lane where I found love.

I sit here today thinking,
What I lost and what I have with me.
Now, where do I get the happiness that I had?
I lost it in the same place where I found it
Every day of the year we did something together but now even after a year,
I’m in the same place but not with you.
I visualize the exact moment what and when it happened just like I played the rewind button.
Isn’t it beautiful?
How it all happened and you didn’t even get the flickest of hint
As if it was all predestined
Holding all the memories close to your heart, the most beautiful ones.
Now we both pretend to be strangers
Years of these moments,
But just a farewell to make you realize it won’t remain the same.
I never knew I was deep in love until it started hurting and recollecting every little second.
Amidst the hell, we live in
I found my heaven in you
you were never mine.
I believe in the magic of destiny it pays us with things we don’t give up on.

– Noviowrites

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