It isn't the same

It isn’t the same

I don’t really understand what’s running through my mind.
Is it those harsh words or is it the fact that I can’t talk to the person I really want to open up to.

Is he so uninterested that he doesn’t care anymore what I feel or is it just that he’s not free for me like he used to be?

Messages take hours to open, calls take an eternity to be picked up.
Even though he does hold me tight on the terrace, there is a sensed distance which our eyes show when we say goodbye for the day.
The way his hands now touch me, the way his eyes meet mine, the way he talks and the way he replies back is so different than what it used to be. It’s like I know there is the spark, but he is like an insulator, doesn’t get affected at all!

Although the heart wants to believe it’s the same but somehow the mind sees the distance and gaps between his hugs and words. And then I know it isn’t the same…

BY -Aakansha Majumdar

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