Indian Mindset.

The Supreme Court of India recently announced that adult couple with consent can live together without marriage.
The top court held that live-in relationships are now even recognized by the Legislature and they had found a place under the provisions of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005.

This is a landmark verdict for a country like India where a couple looking for a house to live is asked to produce marriage certificate first, without being married an adult couple faces quite a Goliath task to find a home of their desire.

The house owners still believe that renting the house to the unmarried couple would draw flak from the neighborhood since in India it’s a sin to stay together or have sex before marriage. We have progressed as a nation but failed as a society. Intercaste marriages, live-in relationships or sex with consent(without marriage) still remains an unholy alliance.

It’s time the verdict from the apex court gets implemented and people stop harassing the adult couples for houses because as developing nation, we don’t just need our technology, economy to advance but we also need to have a progressive approach towards life, a progressive thinking and it’s time that the horrors of medieval mindset should be put to rest.

A young woman being slut-shamed for being in a live-in relationship while we raise our voice for “Women Empowerment” sounds like Hypocrisy at its peak. A young couple thrashed for hugging in a metro(described as “shameless act), while the people thrashing them openly pee on the roadside (completely normal) is way beyond any reasoning. We may have successfully reached MARS but our mindset never left the cave of the stone age.

BY- Vivek Goyal

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