Homework and other plans

Tensed, stressed, sitting quietly in my room
I was looking at the sky and humming a tune
That night I looked at the full moon
And wished to go there soon
But then I remember I can’t go there
Cause there’s a lot of homework left here
I have to prepare for tests coming every week
They are for my good future, they say, so seek
They say you should study, study and only study
Otherwise, your dreams will remain as it is buddy
Every day I woke up I am confused
Every night I lie on the bed and I am still confused
I look out the window at the sky
It looks so neat, no birds to fly
Maybe someday the Sun will rise
And I’ll fly high up in the clouds
Maybe tonight birds are resting
But I have to fly, I couldn’t be waiting

I glanced back at my notebook
Such a humongous lot still left to learn
I have to rush but my eyes drift back for the last look
My lips said, “You have to wait, my friend
There are lots of things left here
But don’t worry, once I am done, I’ll be right there.”


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