Tensed, stressed, sitting quietly in my room I was looking at the sky and humming a tune That night I looked at the full moon And wished to go there soon But then I remember I can’t go there CauseRead More →

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the favourite festival of Hindu religion. It’s celebrated in the month of August or September. Every year people celebrate this festival with lots of joy, happiness, and love. Lord Ganesha is one of the favouriteRead More →


The Supreme Court of India recently announced that adult couple with consent can live together without marriage. The top court held that live-in relationships are now even recognized by the Legislature and they had found a place under the provisionsRead More →


The wild emotions inside the heart insist me to write this article. The most crucial problem of our current life is nothing but the Transport. Not the actual transport; but the people. Transport is a significant part of today’s world. OurRead More →

Women Desire.

Women in India have often been denied several things, starting from her right to be born to the day she dies. Freedom of expression, choosing clothes and any kind of freedom at all, we Indian have a habit of women deprivedRead More →

BEAUTY- indefinable

Beauty is too hard to put into words, and honestly, I don’t think it can be synonymous to attractive or ‘pleasurable to our sight.’ The beauty I am talking about comes from within. As a child, I was fascinated byRead More →

It isn't the same

I don’t really understand what’s running through my mind. Is it those harsh words or is it the fact that I can’t talk to the person I really want to open up to. Is he so uninterested that he doesn’tRead More →

say no to rape

Rape is a word for sexual assault. The biggest crime that anyone could commit. They say that it’s in our clothes, in the way we talk, in our behavior, in us. We say that it’s in their dirty mind, theirRead More →

Dear, They name you as my ex. Not because I have moved on. But because you did. You married her. You are having a son now. You’re all set for that okay life. For the fine happiness. For the unsatisfiedRead More →