The wild emotions inside the heart insist me to write this article. The most crucial problem of our current life is nothing but the Transport. Not the actual transport; but the people.

Transport is a significant part of today’s world. Our country is full of vehicles and riders. Approximately, there are 60 – 75% of vehicle users in our place. Minimum 10-20% of the riders are below the age of 18. Some riders don’t even own a license. There are maximum 20% of people who are following traffic rules.
In general, one has every right on themselves. But, no one has any right to take over the lives of other people.
This is a grasp to the people who are becoming slayer unintentionally.

Kindly STOP everything!
If you don’t want to obey the traffic rules, Fine! Don’t bother about it! Stop disturbing others to do the same.
If you don’t want to stop for that red light, Fine! Stop insisting the other person to do the same by giving horn. (And, those abusive words when they refuse to move)
If you want to experience that ‘Break the rule’ trend, stop examining it on the road. If that examining process fails, you are not the only one to get affected. Out there, people, who got beautiful lives are getting affected by your mistakes. They have families. They have dreams.  Your ‘Break the rule’ trend is shattering those dreams within a microsecond.
If you are a racer, stop racing on public roads. We agree that you can drive fast. Stop showing your racing skills on the roads; instead, show it on the tracks. Public roads are not the place to show off your racing talents. Anyway, we are not going to get impressed by your racing skills.
We know that you can survive without helmets and also, we know that you are capable to balance your vehicle according to your speed.
But, we can’t!
We can’t balance if a bike or a car crosses our vehicle with a 100 km speed. We will lose our balance for sure and we may get hit by other vehicles.
We are not the only one to get affected. It’ll have an effect on our whole family.
So, PLEASE stop everything! The road is not a place, to race.
Those indicators in your vehicle are not just a part to show off. It is to use! While turning right or left on roads, please indicate the person behind you. This will save people’s lives.
Your bright headlights on night roads make us to go blind. Kindly dim your headlights; so, the other person can see the road. There is a sticker for headlights which will split the light from gleaming so bright. You can use that too.
I often hear people saying, that, girls are distracted by those mirrors in vehicles; They used them to admire their beauty even on roads; They will never concentrate on roads because of those mirrors, etc.
These views are insane!
In person, I have seen many guys who don’t have mirrors in their bikes. Approximately 3 out of 5 guys don’t have mirrors in their bikes. They took it off just because it doesn’t suit their classy bikes;
Kindly check those side and rear view mirrors before turning or overtaking other vehicles.

You are unknowingly becoming a reason for making people victims by your small mistakes.
Your small change may save a thousand lives!

Life is not easy. People work very hard to reach their desired level. Humans always have long-term plans. They have many dreams. People have emotional connections.  Stop crushing people’s lives and dreams for your temporary fun. Roads are not a place to experiment your bucket lists of desires.
Do change!
Hoping a vision of a heavenly city.

By- Nivedha Jegan

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