BEAUTY- indefinable

BEAUTY- indefinable

Beauty is too hard to put into words, and honestly, I don’t think it can be synonymous to attractive or ‘pleasurable to our sight.’ The beauty I am talking about comes from within.

As a child, I was fascinated by my classmate’s fair skin, chestnut brown hair, big gray eyes and slim figure. And I was quite the opposite. I was chubby with wheatish skin tone, black round eyes and dark chocolate brown hair which never seemed to satisfy my wish to be beautiful and flawless. But then later I realized, nobody is born flawless. God never defined beauty; it’s us who limited such a vast topic to the cover pages of famous magazines. And it’s us who showcase a fake image of beauty to the world and innocent crowd out there who think that the edited and photo-shopped 32-inch breasts and 28-inch waist is the definition of perfection. and honestly, I grew up believing that too…

But as maturity struck me, I became aware of something. Something which told me that beauty isn’t the appearance that will make boys or girls swoon over you, beauty is rather the ‘inner light’ of a person which makes a person more and more acceptable in the long run by different people.

Beauty is a quality which represents kindness, acceptance, love, understanding, sympathy and many many more.

At a crucial point, we have to take decisions which might be right or wrong. And we might make mistakes. And it is okay, but a lot of people with their pretty faces and shrewd judgmental mind find it hard to accept us, our differences with them. Our mentality might differ, our opinions might differ but that does not make us any less perfect. But according to them, we are ‘flawed’ or ‘imperfect’ just because we are different. What they don’t understand is that perfection is unattainable.

But then, there are other sets of people who accept almost everyone in their raw forms. They do not expect anything in return for their kindness. They are sweet, loving, caring, understanding, fun, kind and selfless. They are the ones whom you will remember in your bad times and would want to share the happiness you are probably experiencing now.  And these people my dear friend are the indefinable- BEAUTIFUL!

BY – Aakansha Majumdar


  1. The words used had a great impact and above all that the sentences are potrayed more gorgeously than the painting of the Monalisa

  2. Nicely written. Good keep it up.

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