Bathing Tips For Winters.!

Winters should be happy !!

As the month of foggy mornings and chilly evenings has arrived, it’s time for us to pack our thin clothes and wrap us in wool. Happy winters to everyone!

Along with being a happy weather, this season can bring some diseases also. So, it’s important to be little careful. In winters we often become less careful about personal hygiene. As we believe that winter means less sweating and hence fewer microbes on the body. But it is not so. Our body needs proper cleaning whether it is summer or winter. So let’s talk about our main concern of this season. And that is bathing. There are few things you should be careful about.

Some Bathing Tips:

1. Don’t take bath by cold water as it doesn’t remove fungus and bacterias. Taking bath with extremely hot water is also not good because it makes our body really dry.
2. Use moderately hot water to take bath. This helps our body to maintain it’s normal temperature. And it acts as a disinfectant.
3. If possible, massage your body with mustard oil before taking bath. It is beneficial for muscle’s flexibility plus mustard oil has got great antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.
4. After the bath, don’t keep your body open for too long. As you might feel cold after taking bath but your body will catch cough and cold.

Winter is a lovely weather of warm blankets, hot tea, and delicious food. It should not be about disease and hospitals. Take care of your health and enjoy this season.

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