TCM IS ALL ABOUT....................

The crazy magazine has been created with a mindset that creativity is a gift of God, but it gets lost on earth easily, you Need eyes who don’t only look your talent but identify it. When we initiated it, all we wanted to do was to give a platform for all budding writers, because we felt that newcomers never get the opportunity that they deserve. We wanted to create a platform that would be less judgemental and more accepting. We started connecting with writers on all social media platforms and now we have a huge family of writers from all over the world, who love to pen down their emotions.

Our Aim :

We want to expand our family. Not just with writers we want to have creative souls from all different fields. Photography, singing, dancing, sketching, short filmmaking are some of the fields that we want to touch soon. We want to make TCM a brand with variety. And we want to make it a home for all kinds of talents. 


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